King's Park

King's Park is the largest Sustainable Eco Development located within proximity of Genting Highlands.

King's Park a state-of-the-art pedestrian street shops spanning over 2,000 meters is a newly built tourists hotspot located within Genting Highlands.

A dramatic fusion of compelling architecture, lively public spaces, and lush greeneries combined will form this premier district ideal for commercial, entertainment, cultural and residential purposes.


Nestled in a mountain rainforest about 33 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is a popular weekend destination for its breezy climate, lively entertainment and high-end property opportunities.

Situated 5 km below the peak of Genting Highlands, King's Park Development has experienced rapid development in recent years, resulting in many new commercial areas and premium high-rise condominiums across the valley. King's Park is perfectly situated as a centre point for the surrounding residential, commercial, educational and entertainment areas.


King's Park is a lifestyle enclave, where members manifest their identity through comfortable patterns of consumption and leisure activities. Here, visitors undergo a unique retail experience, in which they enjoy the convenience of shophouses in a centralised mall-like environment. And to top it off, the existing river on site offers multiple leisure opportunities.


King's Park is a popular place for tourists who want to see the natural beauty and cultural landmarks of the area. A scenic royal carriage ride is a unique way to see and hear more about the park. A carriage ride can be a fun way to spend a date or a family outing. Visitors should check with the park or carriage company ahead of time to find out about availability and other details. Don't miss the chance to add a royal touch to your next visit to King's Park.

Important Attractions Of King's Park

  • Eco Theme Park
  • World Largest Terrarium
  • Ehang Drone
  • Sallam Halal Hub
  • Longest Waterfalls
  • Monopoly World